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Dear Members,

The good news for 2020 is that the 33rd Annual Report of the Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 is very much in tune with the rest of the country.  We are not yet returned to pre Covid levels of employment, but we are trending in the right direction. 

BCCED’s assets and advantages in transportation logistics make our organization well suited to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and provide strong incentives for them to grow and expand in Beaver County.  Our current assets of $31 million enable us to successfully nurture new businesses with good prospects and strong indications of providing large numbers of high paying jobs.  Land Assets of $12 million mean we have acres of opportunity lands immediately available in Beaver County.  Cash assets of $19 million enable us to provide short term financial support when needed.  In addition, we can offer these new companies Beaver County’s desirable transportation logistics:  service by two Class One Railroads and proximity to inter and intra state roadways. 

Beaver County’s abundance of natural gas led by exploration in both the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations provides low-cost energy for manufacturing. This is yet another incentive for new business–very competitive operations costs moving forward.

Beaver County’s population is most responsive to the kind of opportunities these new companies represent and is thus a solid base from which these organizations can draw dedicated employees.  Furthermore, our community offers affordable housing and superb school districts as a draw to employees that must relocate from other areas. 

With all these attractive elements, we can be proud to be part of BCCED’s dedicated team of local, regional, and state officials focused on accruing the highest level of positive economic impact for the area.  With your help & support we can bring continued economic success to Beaver County.

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